Alex Zamora, a 20-year-old kinesiology major, looks at a backpack with a story of a student who took their life during the Send Silence Packing exhibit Monday October 4, 2015, at Sac State. The 1,100 backpacks scattered across the quad represent the number of suicides each year.

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In this episode, we hear from students overcoming mental health issues and what it’s like to deal with a school shooting. We’ll dive into the living wage debate and what students think about a new program that will pay them to graduate. Plus, we take a ride through Sacramento’s Midtown neighborhood on a beer bike.

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In this episode, we learn how Sacramento State will use a $2 million grant. We’ll also hear from a student about his struggle with mental health issues. And we learn about one artist’s effort to spread messages of peace and love through “yarnbombing.”